My name is Kirsten and I like taking photos


I have taken photos since before I can remember. My first camera was my Dad’s Nikon film camera that it still has pride of place on my shelves.

I remember lying in a mountain stream (On the way to Black Hill Hut for those playing along in Canterbury) and I remember looking at the mountains and the water and I desperately wanted to take a picture of it. The photo I took went on to win ‘Best Photo’ at the Rangiora AnP Show! From that moment I was hooked.

When I started studying photography I learning on film. I have spent countless hours in a darkroom developing images by hand. I now shoot mainly on digital but the foundations learnt from film guide and inspire all my work.

I love capturing moments between people in an artistic way. I would prefer to take only a few photos and make them all incredible than produce 100 average photos. I love capturing dramatic photos and having each photo stand on it’s own as a piece of art work.


Let’s go on a
journey together

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